COVID-19 News


First and foremost is for our patients to know is that for decades dentistry has practiced universal safety precautions to ensure protection patient and staff safety.  Before the shut down by Washington State, our office already had sterilization spore monitoring, protective barriers, masks, protective personal equipment, aerosol controls, HEPA air filtration, filtered alkaline water supply, and rubber dam use which allows us to disinfect your tooth prior to restoring the tooth.

Couple these sterilization protocols with biomimetic minimally invasive dental procedures under a microscope, our patients win.   Their healthy tooth structure is retained in a clinically safe environment.  This is called “Enamel Preservation” and it does take more time in the dental chair.  The world has changed and we are ready for the future.  Post pandemic and as scientific data evolves, patients will expect see a lower volume for social distancing and more health questions resolved prior to treatment. 

We will continue to follow the evidence-based recommendations from the American Dental Association.

Our office had voluntarily closed mid-March to as a precautionary measure to evaluate the situation with the pandemic.  Eleven days later on March 26, the governor issued a proclamation ordering the closure of dental offices.  

We do not know the exact date that we will be able to return to dentistry.  When that day happens, our patients will be protected as before.  Any protocol changes enacted by the government will be implemented in our office.  As always, your safety is our concern. 


Dr. John J. Bial